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The Ultimate NOLA Location Guide.

For cool-ass couples who don’t want boring wedding photography.

Hello! Welcome!

It’s me, Jason Albus, from Lovesick Weddings | Jalbus Photography. As an 8-year wedding pro, and New Orleanian for almost as long, I’ve spent a lot of time finding all the best hidden spots around this city, trying my best to get stunning portraits that other photographers who stick to Jackson Square and other over-done, cliche’d spots around our fair, weird city.

Believe me, I love the French Quarter, too… and I love all the hidden spots I’ve found there, as well. But the real magic is found a little deeper. And as someone who attracts couples who don’t want the same old boring shit, it’s my job to always be scouting new locations for my clients. Because they are ever-changing—as quickly as our city does.

Now not all of these are meant for EVERYONE. Some involve (light) trespassing. Some are (slightly) dangerous. And over the course of a typical engagement or wedding session, we mix in the traditional NOLA vibes with the edgy ones. But even the traditional New Orleans looks can be freshened up by a skilled photographer.

Anyway, let’s get started…. oh, and remember to join our F*CK BORING FACEBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY! group. And find me on instagram at @jalbusweddings

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Living Houses of New Orleans.

(getting harder to find)

When I first moved to New Orleans, these living houses were very easy to find… overgrown and beautiful. But property investors and neighborhood rejuvenation has taken away a lot of them. But if you know the right photographer (hint hint! haha) you can still find them. They’re a fantastic backdrop for engagement and wedding photos. I always love the juxtaposition of beauty & decay.

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the press street murals.



City Park.

I love shooting in City Park… but it’s wayyyy bigger than most people realize by just staying near NOMA and the oaks. If you do a little exploring on the north end you find this amazing abandoned building that graffiti artists have taken over. Let’s shoot a little in the trees and Spanish moss, and then head here to get weird.


the abandoned navy base/end of the world.

(bywater/lower 9th ward)

This one involves a little bit of light trespassing, but this hidden abandoned gem is so beautiful to shoot in… especially once you get to the rooftop with some of the most beautiful views of the city.

From there we can walk down to the End Of The World and shoot on the levees while the freight ships cruise by.


abandoned catholic school.

(lower 9th/holy cross)

Yeah, this spot in Holy Cross is kinda creepy, but I love it. Even if you don’t feel like urban exploring inside its falling apart remains, it’s beautiful to shoot outside of, which sprawling oaks framing the front and the levees/Mississippi in the back. I’ve been exploring this place since I moved here, and it’s been so interesting to watch how a building slowly disintegrates when left to nature.


the colors and architecture of the bywater and marigny.

One of my favorite engagement/wedding day photo field trips is a walk through the Marigny/Bywater and just finding cool colors and houses to use as backdrops. We often see so much beautiful architecture in this city that we sometimes become immune to how amazing it is.


the abandoned power plant.

(lower garden/near uptown)

Now admittedly, this one is not for the feint of heart, and not recommended for most couples. But for the daring who love urban exploring and REALLY want killer photos, it’s by far my favorite spot in the city.

It does require some planning, as they film here sometimes and security can be present. But it’s usually relatively easy to get into and once you’re in it’s a post-apocalyptic fantasy world that is an absolute dream to shoot in.

Do NOT go without someone who knows how to navigate this place, as it can be dangerous. Hint, hint!


(hidden) frenchmen st.

(frenchmen st., duh!)

Yeah, yeah… everyone knows Frenchmen St. in New Orleans, but if you know where to look closely you can find spots that others walk right past without a second glance.


This last one is for all my awesome same-sex couples—or my str8 couples who just wanna show their pride. Just a block off Frenchmen on Elysian Fields. Love this one!


AND…. since I love you all so, so much…



this sweet ass ford galaxie.

Yeah, that’s right… we can cruise around town in this mint-condition ‘65 Ford Galaxie like some 1950’s pinup/rockabilly kings & queens.


Until next time… keep calm & FUCK BORING WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY!