nyc wedding photographer

a very manhattan wedding... and why sometimes it's a good idea to hire an out of town photographer.

you might be surprised to hear this, but once upon a time craigslist was actually still an ok place to find engaged couples looking for photographers. i used to post a lot of ads in other cities, hoping to find rad couples like these two. 

they responded to an ad i posted in NYC craigslist in 2014, and i immediately knew we were a perfect fit. they were looking for something different, and also didn't want to spend the $5-10k it took to find similarly skilled and experienced NY wedding photographers. most couples don't consider looking outside their market for the perfect photographer for many reasons, but sometimes it makes sense. it takes a little bit of risk on the couples part ("what if they don't show up!!?"), but those are the exact kind of people i'm looking for.

it was my first NYC wedding, so i also hired my good friend and equally amazing photographer, Kimie James of for an extra set of eyes. as a team we kill it every time. 

we met up with them in the morning at their apartment on the NYU campus. they were so relaxed and chill it hardly seemed like they were getting married in a few hours.

i immediately fell in love with this dress... and moon wall in their apartment.

Galit Clay-blog-0001.jpg

and this body jewelry... 

Galit Clay-blog-0006.jpg
Galit Clay-blog-0019.jpg
Galit Clay-blog-0021.jpg
Galit Clay-blog-0029.jpg
Galit Clay-blog-0030.jpg
Galit Clay-blog-0039.jpg
Galit Clay-blog-0041.jpg
Galit Clay-blog-0049.jpg
Galit Clay-blog-0051.jpg
Galit Clay-blog-0057.jpg

galit was such a pleasure to work with. down for anything, and absolutely stunning.

Galit Clay-blog-0059.jpg
Galit Clay-blog-0063.jpg
Galit Clay-blog-0071.jpg

we really nailed these beauty shots.

Galit Clay-blog-0075.jpg

getting ready to run around manhattan for a few hours before the wedding...

Galit Clay-blog-0076.jpg

& don't forget to brush your teeth.

Galit Clay-blog-0087.jpg

these guys were street busking & just *had* to sing them a song. one of the many reasons i love new york.

this graffiti was was amazing. i could have shot here for hours.

oh yeah, and they actually got married, too!

it was almost four years ago now, but i still remember the shower i took after all of this running around NYC in 80 degrees all day as being one of the most satisfying showers i've ever taken. and almost four years later this is still one of my favorite collections. i try not to play favorites with my clients, but sometimes it's hard not to.

so... if you're reading this and you're not based in MN or New Orleans but love my work, DON'T BE SAD! i'd probably love to come to your town; please send me a note and let's chat. it might be the best decision you can make in all your wedding planning.

until next time... stay sexy, and FUCK BORING WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY.