destination wedding

omfg. a new orleans destination wedding with rachel & bret.

rachel got me and the video team at lonely eskimo up at 7am for this intimate early sunday wedding in new orleans' french quarter two weeks ago. i sometimes forget that 7am exists in new orleans, but apparently it does. as soon as i arrived, the mimosas were flowin, and she was already serving me looks.

i don't have much to say about this one other than HOLY FUCKING SHIT LOOK AT HER IN THIS DRESS. 

almost ready to get that first look... 

time to have some fun for an hour in the quarter before the wedding.

from start to finish, these two were so fantastic to work with, and down for any ideas i threw at them.

if you're planning a new orleans destination wedding, get at me with any questions you might have. i know a great planner for out of town couples, as well. 

until next time... stay sexy, and FUCK BORING WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY.

(oh ok, fine, here's some more shots of that dress, cuz i love it so damn much.)