a vintage, elegant non-boring wedding, with amy & heath.

so i'm going through my old archives and reviving a few past weddings. this one took place in sept 2016, during the height of wedding season, when things get kinda crazy and i barely have time to do much more than edit all day and night, and get ready for the next weekend of madness. 

this one in minneapolis with amy and heath deserves some attention, though, because after looking back at them, they're really really really fantastic.

amy heath get hitched-pass-0286.jpg

amy & heath get married.

minneapolis, mn.

amy lookin amazing in this dress, but it was the veil that really tied the vintage look all together. (slideshow)

we went behind their house to the tracks to do the first look. I mean, LOOK AT THEM. ARE YOU EVEN LOOKING?? 

amy heath get hitched-pass-0139.jpg
amy heath get hitched-pass-0140.jpg
amy heath get hitched-pass-0149.jpg

one of my favorite things about my clients is that they're always willing to get weird with me. and in the case of these two, these were pretty much all their ideas, and i was so down for it. i love them all so much. (slideshow)

Liquor run...

amy heath get hitched-pass-0432.jpg
amy heath get hitched-pass-0436.jpg

hijacking the Liquor Barrel for a couple portraits before the reception. cuz, why not?

get married in a liquor store, though. it's the new craze.

get married in a liquor store, though. it's the new craze.

amy heath get hitched-pass-0427.jpg

welp, that about wraps it up. these guys were so great to work with from start to finish. they had a vision and I think we brought it to life. 

happy to report they have since added a little tiny baby girl into the family. congrats to you, Amy & Heath.